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The Key (AU Prime)
"Roll Out!"- Talk
What did you say?- Thought
"*Can you read me now?*"- Comm-link and radio
The Key
“Hey! Darby!” called Vince from below. “I want this place spotless when I get back in the morning!”
“Yes, sir.”
The dark haired teen just watched the red head march out the hanger door, scoffed moments after the door closed and resumed mopping the platform. He dragged the mop with hard strokes as he muttered to himself.
“‘I’m head of Junior Division, Silas himself gave this position, so you gotta do what I say. It’s ‘have to do as I say’, sir. ‘Like I care what you think, Darby, just do your work! Clean up this place for tomorrow, it’s all you’re good for. Pfft! Like I want your job.”
He walks around the platform back to his mop bucket to ring out the wet tool. He paused here and looked over the side down a
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Kairos Lokorr
United States
Current Residence: everybody's favorite backwater blue marble, AKA earth.
Favourite genre of music: rock n' roll, techno sometimes.
Favourite cartoon character: Chaos 0 and Beau.
Personal Quote: Don't second guess this beast...You don't know what I can do...
  • Listening to: Sis's frustrated sighs.
  • Watching: My sis play Sly cooper
  • Playing: Uh...need a list? ;)
  • Eating: bean stew. XP
  • Drinking: raspberry soda.
It's the MSS Kai! cause I said I would.

1) what's your characters name?
Kairos Lokorr, but he answers to several aliases.

2)How old is He/She?
He seems to be in his early twenties, but actually he's several hundred years old.

3)is your OC a boy or girl?
Boy, buuut... well that changes on occasion. To his later girlfriends annoyance.

4)What's his/her race?
Shapeshifter as he can alter his form on a whim.


1)If this character were to suddenly become part of the 3D world, and ended up in a heavily-populated area, how many stares would he/she get?
Plenty. Not to mention a few attempts at trying to kill him until he slipped away.

2) Is your character consider normal in his/her/ own world?
Wha...? Are you joking?

3) What is his/her most recognizable feature(s)?
The tear marks under or behind his eyes in many of his forms.

4)Would you consider your OC attractive?
I would. but he's a shapeshifter. So looks don't count. But he's got a personality many seem to find appealing.


Uh. yeah. He's Normally fairly zen, but cross the line and you won't be around long enough to know what happened.

2) Does your character ever get depressed?
Yes. usually when he's been thinking to much or been reminded of some things he's done.

3)Leader or follower?
Leader. He's happy to let someone else take the lead but if their not doing very well or there's no one's able he'll take up the slack in a heartbeat.

4)What's the main aspect of his/her personality?
Likely his loyalty and playful nature. He's always around someone given the choice. He's also protective of friends so often does jobs alone. Though he's hard to avoid for the same reason.


1)Did your OC have a family of any sort? if so, are they still alive?
No, as far as Kai knows he's literally one of a kind. He's never another shapeshifter like himself. though has found a few, though none where the same kind as him.

2) Is your character out on his/her own? If so, Why?
Yes. He hasn't had anyone to watch out for him for a very long time until the MSS.

3)Has he/she encountered any traumatizing events?
Being dropped from orbit onto a planet which wreaked massive damage on him and made him feral, or being buried alive...I'd say he's had a a few...

4)What was probably the best time in his/her life so far?
Two times actually. The first is being accepted into the MSS and finding out that he someone who'd actually watch out for him, and the second later when he helped Khantari thon and founding out feelings were mutual.


1) Single?
for a Very long time yes.

2) Has your OC developed any romantic relationships?
Somewhat.  He's very fond of Zerita (and kinda Dak. that's likely to be very odd.) and has liked Atrox and Eseas. He eventually fell for Khantari though.

3)Virgin: Well as he's got a biological daughter I'm thinking No....

4) Does your character like flirting?
Sort of... He likes to tease, but rarely goes beyond that unless he's sure it'd be taken well.


1) What animal would you associate your OC with?
Good question... he matches with cats and reptiles though for attitude. But wolves because of pack mentality.

2) Musical instrument?
Guitar's a good bet, or a synthizer as quirky as he can be.

3) Element: Akashic. he's all over the place. one moment he can be centered and stable and the next he could be a ball of playful energy.

4) Planet? Umm....hard to say... Mercury. Maybe.

Showing the love

1) Do you draw your character? I do indeed. He's my avatar/alter ego after all.

2) Do you write about him/her? some. I'm not a great writer as far as I'm concerned sometimes.

3) Do you use him/her in any RPGs? Uh...Yup! he's the one most likely to show up in fact.

4) what other ways have you appreciated your OC? I'm constantly working on him to try and iron him out and make sure he's even with everyone else. Not to mention figure out his past and what he's got to work with.

RANDOMIZE! (hehehe...)

1) is your character wanted for anything?
mass murder, thievery, and kidnapping.

2) What are three weaknesses in him/her?
a. His temper is easily lit on some occasions, so directing him to tear up someone he shouldn't can be fairly easy.
b. sometimes he can fall into a self depreciating funk that's not always easy to break him out of.
c. His protective instincts can be used to manipulate him.

3) Strengths?
a. Incredibly adaptable, Not only physically but Mentally as well.
b. He's a keen thinker, and often can turn any scenerio to an advantage.
c. A surprising empathic nature that lets him understand both friends and enemies.

4) Does your OC drink or smoke?

5) What's one quirk about him/her? He's constantly all over the board in terms of his attitude. He can be one thing one moment and the next you could see him acting totally opposite.

6) Does your character have any phobias?
Monophobia. fear of being alone or loneliness.
And whatever the Phobia is of being betrayed.

7) What could you do to get him/her into a blind rage?
harming something that can't fight back where he can see, or going after someone he holds dear.

8) Does your OC like chickens?
With some fava sauce and a nice chianti %)

The Final Question

What would you consider your relationship with your character to be like?
Well since he's mostly me? like talking to myself. %)
Seriously though, it'd likely depend on his mood. But probably have fun together. He really is just a nice fella. Just a little scary sometimes.

Dunno who I could throw this at cause everyone else is done it at least once. Sooo...
*spins around and points at a random viewer* YOU! Your next! MWAHAHAHA!


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Soon actually, been going through my stuff to scan it in and upload it here. Like usual, just gotta figure out just what I'm doing. ^^;
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